3 Times Hiring An Attorney Makes Sense

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Not sure if you need legal representation or legal advice? Here are 3 common reasons why people should reach out to an attorney for help:

1.Having an attorney’s expert knowledge will level the playing field in court

Not having an attorney on your side who has specialized knowledge of the law can lead to your civil case falling apart in court. An attorney will know details of the law that can help you present your strongest case. The other party you’re facing in court most likely has at least one attorney supporting them. Not having an attorney on your side will put you at a disadvantage.

2. Laws can be complicated and hard to understand

Filing an incorrect document or incorrectly following a legal procedure could ruin your court case. In other words, not having an attorney on your side may end up costing you far more time and money than you will spend securing the services of a competent attorney. A competent attorney will understand legal procedures and all the “fine print” associated with filing legal documents.

In the more than 4 decades Scoufos Law Offices has served Sequoyah County, we’ve developed a deep knowledge of law and an understanding of how to advise and prepare our clients for success in the courtroom.  

3. If your freedom is on the line in a criminal case, having an attorney represent you is your best bet

Contrary to how it’s often romanticized in movies, a defendant acting as their own attorney in a criminal case in the real world is a recipe for potential disaster. An attorney can help you defend your innocence, your reputation and your freedom.

In a criminal case, an attorney will know how to:

  • Challenge evidence that’s brought against you
  • Use key experts and witnesses that will help strengthen your case
  • Effectively negotiate settlements and plea bargains

A lot is at stake when you step into the courtroom. In a criminal case, your very freedom itself could be in jeopardy. In other instances, you may be in court to defend your custody or visitation rights, deal with a divorce or seek compensation for injuries suffered by you or a loved one.  

In every instance, the services of an able and competent attorney will help ensure the legal systems works for you rather than against you.

Scoufos Law Offices can help with personal injury, insurance claims, products liability, criminal defense, divorce, child custody and visitation rights legal services.

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